SHOT 2015 Floor Report Part 2

It has been a long and interesting few days, folks, so here is your SHOT Show 2015 Wrap up.

It is Friday of SHOT Show 2015, and my butt is definitely dragging. Last night I had a hot soaking bubble bath, and got eight full hours of sleep for the first time all week. I have no idea how these young kids stand and walk all day, then turn around and party all night. BUT – I am refreshed and ready for a final wrap up today!

The list of things that I found interesting continues. (That doesn’t mean that things I haven’t listed WEREN’T interesting, it just means that I probably missed seeing them, so don’t send me hate mail if your favorite company isn’t here, mkay?)
First up today was Devil Dog Arms’ collection of rifles styled by Natalie Foster of Girls’ Guide to Guns. There are two models (one is more 3-Gun specific) available in a range of cute colors. Devil Dog Arms makes the majority of parts in-house, so they have strict quality control over nearly everything, and you can be assured of a solid rifle for your money.

The next booth that turned my head was PJL Targets of Belgium. These targets reminded me of what I encountered in the shoot house at Gunsite Academy. Look at these targets, and tell me they aren’t realistic. Could YOU tell if this guy was armed in subdued lighting? How about whether he was armed with a TOY gun or not? You have milliseconds to decide – GO!

Remember on Range Day how I shot the crossbows by TenPoint, but forgot to get photos? Well, I stopped at the booth today and made sure I got them THIS time. I am still intrigued by this. Although I’ll have to check to be sure, the rep informed me that the state where our family camp is located has made crossbows legal for all archery seasons. I know – like I need one more new thing to learn – but still, LOL.

To carry on with the archery theme (or rifle too … or photography for that matter) these blinds  by Nature Blinds  absolutely blew me away! It’s like having your own private Hobbit Hole or Keebler Elf Tree. The pattern and texture are beyond belief! You’d need a buddy and a pick-up truck to get it in place, but there’s interesting possibilities here. They also make some portable shield-like models.

Finally, here’s one last photo to wrap things up. It might even go well with the Nature blind. Who doesn’t NEED a minigun, ya know? LOL!!

That’s pretty much it from SHOT Show 2015 – thanks for reading, and now I need a nap!