Tammy’s Second Cousin

Perhaps before I continue with my back story, I should stop for a moment and briefly explain my reasons for starting this blog.

This is going to contain a lot of “I”s and “me”s, because, well, because it’s a personal journey that I’m writing about. And I’m just not sophisticated enough to put it all into “in this author’s opinion” literary style.

First reason, I guess, is because I always have more to say than I’m sure my Facebook friends want to hear. I needed another outlet for the thoughts that spill from my brain out on to the keyboard. This way, you, the reader, “choose” to put up with me, rather than having me cluttering up your newsfeed involuntarily. 🙂

Second, I thought I might have a different angle to share than is already out there. I’m a pediatrician who likes the smell of gunpowder in the morning. I’m also a quartet singer, and home sew-er, and quilter, and most importantly, I am AVERAGE. There is really nothing “special” about me, except that I started all of this later in life.

Third, I am most decidedly NOT “Tammy Tactical”. In fact, I am probably closer to being Tammy’s inept second cousin, Gertrude. I’m not the “cool” shooter on the range, I’m not the one in the neato jersey, I’m not the “High Lady”, I’m just me, and I have a helluva lotta fun doing it. If anything, I might aspire to be the Erma Bombeck of the shooting range. The grass is always greener over the septic tank, the mud is always deeper where the poppers fall, and your morning coffee always hits bottom when you are the one “on deck”.