Arrived in Vegas!

From the land where Street Batman has bad teeth, and Elvis rides a mobility scooter, I bring you SHOT 2018!
I’m probably going to run the posts this week, more or less like an unedited journal, because there is going to be way more information and way more exhaustion that I can force my time zoned-out brain to process into much else. So bear with me if I ramble.

The flights out to Vegas today were fairly uneventful. Which is surprising for a country having the vapors because OMG the GOVERNMENT HAS SHUTDOWN! Well, I’m here to tell you that though our military isn’t getting paid, TSA was still hard at work, saving the world from shampoo bombs and radicalized rogue granola bars. All that snack food that I said I was taking? TSA swabbed – not just inspected – SWABBED – every single freaking ziploc bag of food in my rolling carry-on. I’m sure everyone behind me felt so much safer knowing that I wasn’t going to storm the cockpit with my honey-mustard pretzel pieces, and smoked almonds. Who knows – the pilot might have a nut allergy!

Other than that though, I really can’t complain. I got my requested window seats, did not have obnoxious seat mates, and things ran fairly on time. I didn’t even have to stand in line for the shuttle to the hotel. It was right there, I got on, and away we went.

Excalibur is a new hotel for me this year. So, after I checked-in and found my room with a view … of the pipe system, I wandered around for a couple hours to get my bearings. Casino hotels are designed to be labyrinthine. They want you to be confused and spend money before you get to your actual destination. But this is my fifth SHOT, and somehow in all that time, I have managed to NOT drop a single penny into a single slot machine. Take THAT, Vegas!

I found where I’m supposed to pick up the Show Shuttle bus in the AM, so I can pick up the Range Day Shuttle from the Sands. Why there is a Range Day Shuttle running from only three locations, which are NOT my hotel, I have no idea. But whatever. As long as I’m there before the huge throngs arrive and before all the swag is gone. Because everybody knows that it’s REALLY about shooting other people’s guns, with other people’s ammo, and snagging a cup and a shirt and maybe hat in the bargain. I’m mean – ahem – I’m very excited to see what the industry has that is new and exciting to tell you about. Yes, that’s what I mean.

Anyhoo, that is my report for now. It’s only 6:30 pm here in excitement city, but at home I’d be in my jammies, falling asleep over a book at 9:30, which is what time my body thinks it is. I’m going to make some instant coffee and try to stay awake for another couple hours. I’d soak in the tub – but there isn’t one. There is a giant “made for two” shower stall instead. Thanks Vegas for rubbing it in that I am a single woman, here alone, LOL. I really wanted to soak my achy dawgs at the end of the day. Oh well. I’ve got a hot water bottle at least.

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