YETI Mugs and Hotel Room “Cooking”

Since YETI has graciously provided some awesome SHOT Range Day swag for two years in a row, I thought I would write a quick piece for them (and you) to see how I’ve been using their 10 oz Rambler Lowball , which I received last year,
and the 14 oz Rambler Mug, which I received this year.

I mentioned in a previous post how I bring snack foods along with me to Vegas, to eat when I’m awake in the middle of the night, and also to save me a few bucks over eating out all the time during SHOT. I pack “instant” type snack foods, like ramen, mac&cheese packs, oatmeal, coffee, tea, etc. to eat in my hotel room.

There are no microwaves or coffee makers with which to generate hot water in the Vegas hotel rooms I have stayed in. The tap water is also generally not hot enough to “cook” with. So I bring an immersible water heater.

The YETIs handle the immersible extremely well – without getting hot on the outside. This morning, I heated up water to make instant oatmeal in my new Rambler Mug. I then heated up a little more water to make instant coffee in the Lowball. Ta-Da- 4AM Breakfast!!

Last evening I heated up a Lowball full of water, and then used the water to mix up instant mac&cheese in the Rambler Mug. Since the water wasn’t quite boiling, the sit time was a bit longer to get the noodles to “cook”, than if I had been able to boil it in the microwave, but because the YETI is vacuum insulated, there isn’t much heat lost during the sit time with the lid on. It actually worked very well. I then used what hot water was left to steep a tea bag and make iced tea in the Lowball to go with my mac&cheese. It all turned out quite well for dorm-type snack foods, and I’m actually tickled at the results. 

Thanks YETI for some great products, and I raise my instant coffee in salute!