More Published Work!

It’s been a rather busy time since I got back from SHOT, and it’s looking to be a very busy Spring as well. I can’t believe that it’s March already.

The biggest thing happening is that the folks over at GAT Daily have found a home for several more of a my articles!

Those links:

And DRGO has published another one of my rants about the AAP.

Needless to say, all of that typing has not been the best for my numb hands, but I’ve found that when my brain is that “busy”, it’s best to get all that out of my head and down on paper/pixels to keep it from swirling around and distracting me.

I’m excited that my club sporting clays season will be getting underway this weekend. It’s been a long few months away from it, and I need to brush up my shotgun skills, because my next big goal for spring is turkey season. In fact, in one week’s time, if the weather holds, I’ll be traveling to the family property with some friends so that they can show me how to scout for turkey! I’m very excited, but alas, my calling skills are not yet up to snuff.

I know those turkeys exist though, as here is photo of a puddle in the road when I was up there two years ago.

My next project will be learning how to swap out a set of pistol sights. I happened to have an Amazon gift card lying around, so I took the opportunity to order myself a small clamp-on table vice, and a few gun-smithing type tools which I hope will make the sight swap easier for me.

I’ll keep you posted!