Home Safe and Sound

I’m home! I got through my front door (actually the kitchen garage door) about 12:30 AM Eastern this morning. Dropped the bags in the middle of the kitchen floor and went to bed.
Today will be a bit like after-party clean-up, as I empty out suitcases, sort swag, start laundry, organize business cards of new contacts, get groceries, and reboot my brain for my real world work week tomorrow.
I am always exhausted at the end of SHOT, but also always grateful for meeting new friends, hugging and chatting with old friends, making new contacts who offer advice and encouragement, and for the overwhelming feeling of camaraderie, as I spend an entire week with “My People”. I wish I had the energy in the evenings to continue on to the parties and dinners, as well, but I’m ridiculously happy with what I am able to manage. And bear in mind that all of this gushing is coming from the Introvert. Imagine what this week would be like for an actual People Person! LOL
I have lots of new post ideas for this year – especially about learning to Talk Turkey – but there should hopefully be some product reviews that come out of this week as well. If the stars align, I may even be able to end up in print at some point this year – fingers crossed.
So, thank you all for reading. And thank you for your encouragement and support. It’s always nice to hear that people actually READ and ENJOY what I put out there. It’s nice to know that I’m not just talking to myself LOL!
Time to start the Laundry….